Desktops as a Service, at Your Service


The days of the clunky computer always in need of hardware and software updates is behind us. Thanks to the proliferation of the cloud, we now have much more efficient and cost-effective methods of keeping systems fresh, updated and accessible.


Some call it virtual desktop computing, others prefer virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or desktops as a service (DaaS). Regardless of the term, the meaning is the same—moving computer features like software subscriptions, programs and applications into the cloud to make them easier to keep current or use in different places or on different devices.


Omnificent will customize your VDI buildout based on your volume of work, server needs and software requirements, using the latest technology including Microsoft VDI/RDS, VMWare Horizon or our own OSCloud platform.


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You’ll see visible benefits across your organization:

The cost for software upgrades (and the hardware upgrades needed to support them) decrease significantly with most subscriptions now available in the cloud with wider compatibility.

With business travel and telecommuting common, there’s a bigger employee demand than ever for mobile access to programs, apps and data. We can help manage this expansion and ensure a consistent experience across your organization.

No more waiting days or weeks for orders; cloud-based systems can typically be updated within minutes. And with Omnificent’s expert staff managing the process, your teams are freed up to focus on more important work.

So many security issues arise on the edges of networks, especially among user’s own devices where protection is most lax. Cloud-based desktops eliminate a lot of this threat, placing systems behind more stringent security protocols Omnificent will set and manage for your organization.